What can a Professional Lighting Design Consultant do for you....

For a start - we can save you from having lighting that does strange things to your home!  Whilst it's a pretty hilarious picture - and has been making the rounds on Social Media - I haven't met a client yet who would be excited about coming home to this everyday - or showing off this living room to their parents or young children!

Probably the biggest benefit to professional advice - which is strongly based in the science and mathematics behind light, is understanding that light isn't just downlights - and that you can create bright, dynamic spaces without pockmarking your ceiling.

With modern homes focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability, the downlight is not just a visual issue - it's also a problem for insulation and climate management.  Every hole is an escape hatch for that warm or cool air that you've paid so much for - like having the doors and windows open and the heater running full in the depths of Winter.

Imagine these spaces with discreet lighting, that enhances the architecture, and volumes you've spent so much energy designing and building!

When Adele started Mint Lighting back in 2012, she took all of her experience in commercial lighting projects, and luminaire design and determined that what people needed most was easy to access, plain English advice for their homes.  Most home owners don't need expensive high end lighting, but they do need trust worthy advice they can rely on to navigate the confusing world of interior lighting.

By building a business that is streamlined to bring the highest value lighting design advice to our most important buildings - our homes, Mint Lighting has grown into a company that offers  affordable, reliable and relevant advice for homes of all shapes and sizes.

At our heart, we strongly believe that everyone deserves beautiful, functional and sustainable light at home.  

What A Professional Lighting Design Consultant Can Do For You:

  • we provide expert advice and solutions for beautiful and functional lighting in your home

  • recommend sustainable lighting options that will create luxurious effects in every room

  • convert your lighting needs into a clear design with everything required for purchasing and installation

  • design light that is functional, dynamic and enhances your living spaces

  • work with you either in your home, over the phone from anywhere in Australia or in our design studio

The results of professional design can be seen below.  Lighting that is hidden, yet effective.  That puts light just where you need it - when you need it, and brings your interior design to life.

Lighting is trans-formative, and is widely considered the most vital element of great architecture. The most critical question you need to answer for a great lighting design is:


If you don't need to see it - you don't need to light it.

Of course, light can also be used to enhance interior design, and to be it's own feature in a home.  This double duty of lighting design can elevate a family home from a safe, functional space to live your life - to an environment that inspires, brings joy and enhances every day of your life.

If you'd like to discuss lighting design for your home, please give the studio a call and chat with our friendly lighting consultants.  

We understand light - and we love sharing our knowledge and expertise!

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