Stars in our eyes...

I know I'm not the only one who played with creating mini-galaxies on the ceiling with glow in the dark stickers as a kid...and this week, the very grown-up version of that effect was brought into the studio for demonstration to the team - which got me to thinking - starlight ceilings - do we love them for our homes? 

Share your opinion below - and if you're not sure what you on and let's explore it together.

If you were a child of the 70's and 80's - you probably had one of these fibreoptic lamps with colour change on your bedside table - ours was the "feature" on the wet bar - yep - one of those full dark timber catastrophes... then we discovered glow in the dark stickers, and kids bedrooms became galaxies of their own design!

At the other end of the spectrum we find these magnificent light art installations, sometimes created for a special event, and in some commercial projects, fibreoptics are used to create amazing, dramatic interactive experiences for people.

SO can we bring this technology back into our homes to add drama and beauty?

My first reaction being shown the latest in LED Fibreoptic's (which is what is used to create a star ceiling - or pool for that matter) is of course "Shiney!!" "Exciting!!" Most commonly seen in theatre rooms, fibreoptics can also bring delight to bathrooms, bedrooms, swimming pools, paths, kids rooms - anywhere you want really!

I do believe, used well - sparingly and with consideration - they can truly transform a space into a wonderland of discovery and delight.  I also know they can be taken too far in the other direction!  So let's take a look at some that others have created...

I think we can - and with the improvements in the technology, we can also add sparkle to exterior spaces

Imagine a galaxy in the bottom of your swimming pool.  Now, there's no way I would recommend putting any other light in the bottom of a pool - it will simply end in tears - but using fibre optics, well, that presents us with an exciting opportunity to bring fabulous sparkle to any swimming pool or water feature, that is essentially indestructible and really easy to maintain.  Check out these...

I've had a galaxy swimming pool design on the books for a while now, and with a local Melbourne based team that is developing new technology all the time, we can finally bring our clients dream home to life with a galaxy of inspiration for his children in the backyard pool.  Which makes me a very happy designer.

And for those who aren't sure what fibre optics are all about - it's a very clever (and old) technology that is finding a new path with LED technology.  Fibre Optics uses long clear fibres, that channel light from a central source out to the ends (it's also the basis of communication technology).  You will have seen novelty versions like these at festivals, fairs and in gift shops...

So there you have it - a collection of ideas using star ceilings and floors and swimming pools - and presumably walls and anything else you can imagine.  

If you're interested in exploring star ceilings or pools for your home, get in touch - we've found a great Melbourne based manufacturer that will collaborate with us to bring a little glittery brilliance to your home.

Please note, some images are sourced from third parties to highlight design options, MINT Lighting does not claim ownership of these images and have simply chosen these as an example .

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