MINT - Townhouse Lighting Project

Creating two completely unique lighting solutions to mirror image townhouses, gave the MINT team a fantastic opportunity to explore the variety of lighting solutions that bring that special WOW factor to any home.

Lighting - MINT        Images - Nic Granleese

Architect - Mcgann Architect        Builder - Mancini Made

For Townhouse One, we had the good fortune to be starting with a base palette of ILANEL Pendants through the stairs, kitchen and powder rooms which in turn provided the inspiration to create a dramatic – yet still well lit – living space for our clients.

Bringing the Central Courtyard green walls to life at night was another key feature of this design as it brings the outside in – even after the sun has gone down, and more importantly, when it’s too cold to go outside, you can enjoy the view from inside!

The Second Townhouse brought a different proposition, as it was not to be the family home.  When this is the case, our design team can’t know the style of the occupants, so we ensure that the lighting provides a truly flexible space, that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Subtle wall lights connect the living rooms and bedrooms in this home, creating a lovely experience as you move from one to the other. 

With the right light for the right rooms, these townhouses are welcoming, bright and inspiring – exactly what we all deserve when we’re relaxing at home with our family.

Glass Balustrade - Frameless Impressions

Rain Pendants - ILANEL  

Tera Pendants - About Space