Put out the welcome mat at your Home with creative Lighting Design

Put out the welcome mat with lighting....

Whether your home is Modern or Traditional in style, the lighting at your entrance will define how you feel every day that you come home after dark.  You can choose to create dramatic lighting effects, or soft voluminous light, both can work beautifully - just don't leave it to the last minute and end up with a single downlight, or oyster at the front door and cheap BBQ lights around the perimeter of your home.  You deserve so much more.

As light fittings get more and more clever, and manufacturers discover the true flexibility of LED, we're seeing lights that can create really controlled effects.  Using these to create light and shade across your pathways, and texture on any feature walls and plantings means that we have so much more to play with than ever before.  LED technology also means that (in quality fittings at least) your lights are completely sealed from day one - so the dreaded light filled with water drama of exterior lighting is truly a problem from the past.

Depending on the style of your home and garden, you can also consider using lighting to not only add drama and effect, but also as a night time artwork - with lights positioned to tell a story, rather than just to highlight your path to the door.

Bollards have also come a very long way, and you can find some very stylish lights that will illuminate your driveway, without looking like they belong in a commercial building.

If you have a plain wall or garage door, you can bring it to life with lighting that creates shafts of light, adding drama where before there is none.

The "Up/Down" tube wall light is still very popular - but there are so many ways to achieve that effect without reverting to a black tube on your wall.  Miniature light fittings can still pack a lot of punch, and create the same lighting effect, whilst becoming almost invisible during the day.  And compared to the old 2x35W halogen light globes - an LED fitting at 5W can blow those old school tube lights out of the water.

It doesn't matter if your home is an Architectural masterpiece -  or a simple suburban home - the right lighting makes all the difference to that welcoming feeling you deserve everyday when you come home.