Lighting Timber Ceilings

Planning a beautiful timber ceiling in your home?  It can be a striking element and add such warmth to your interior, I'm right there with you in making that choice.

Have you thought about how you'll light it?  I can tell you what will happen if you don't - your stunning linear timber ceiling will have big holes drilled into it and diffuse downlights will be installed.  (the super glary ones)  If you're really unlucky, they'll also be cool white (6000K or 4000K).  We see so many homes here at MINT, and it breaks our heart when people are cheated on the lighting.  The smallest changes can make a world of difference - and if you're going timber, then those changes are going to make or break your ceiling.

Pendants are of course a great choice - but not everyone likes having that much decorative light in their home - so where to from here?

Which room would you rather come home to?

This simply stunning architecture with the curved timber ceiling is amazing design.  It also wouldn't have been cheap, and whilst we can see that the downlights selected were high quality - imagine that amazing ceiling without any downlights at all - it's what the architecture deserves, and really easy to achieve.

There are so many alternatives to the standard round downlight which would still provide the functional light we know is needed in a kitchen space, without disturbing the beauty of the timber.  Both of these rooms are stunning - beautifully designed, styled and I would be more than proud to call either of them home! BUT I wish the lighting was more discreet, hidden away and only apparent when you flick the switch and can suddenly see.  There are tiny little linear LED lights available that would do just that - they're about the size of a Mars bar, but pack the lighting punch of a good quality downlight.  Imagine one of those in place of the downlights here and you ust know it would look a million bucks!

The most obvious solution to lighting a timber ceiling is to use uplight - you've invested time, money and passion into that design - show it off!! The warm light, and ambient brightness will improve your mood at home, and creates a dramatic effect.  It's worth noting that there are LED uplights on the market that are no bigger than a 200page A5 book - practically invisible on your walls, but packing a serious amount of light.

The common misconception that you need even light at home drives most people towards downlights, but in truth - decent light in the kitchen and some floor lamps would do most of us perfectly well - leaving that ceiling completely clear.  Or build in some little coves - uplighting again to highlight the beautiful wood, and completely hidden from view.  The linear style is also great as it highlights the linear nature of the timber.

Well designed track lighting can be hidden into the timber slats, leaving you with just the fittings visible.  The flexibility of this approach is very popular and done well, it can look fantastic.  

Combine cove lighting with decorative features for added pizzazz, and graze timber walls to bring the texture forward.  If you've chose the timber path - you love the look and feel of it, so amplify that for yourself with your lighting and you'll get to feel that joy everytime you walk into your home.

All images source via Pintrest - except this last one - that's our work! MINT Lighting Consultants understand what you need from light - and know how to create it for you.