Mint Lighting is a full service architectural lighting design practice.  

Our lighting engineer is a qualified professional, and has a diverse experience in lighting and luminaire design.

Our designers hold MIES accreditation, which is earned by lighting professionals with a high degree of technical knowledge and experience applying the art and science of light.  We have the technical education and design experience to provide the best lighting design solutions for any type of project.  

Services Available; 

  • AGI32 Calculations for Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Lighting Designs with comprehensive lux calculations, energy calculations and light renders, delivered in reports that meet Australian Standards and Government regulations
  • BCA J6 compliant design and calculations
  • Sourcing the best luminaires for the budget available from any reputable supplier to ensure the end result meets the needs of the end user
  • Melbourne Made Lighting - We can deliver ANY project with lighting 100% manufactured and designed in Melbourne or Australia
  • Creative Lighting Concept development and documentation - whatever you imagine, we can design
  • Architectural lighting concept development and documentation - hidden light that enhances without distraction is a specialty
  • Peer Review of Lighting Designs - having a professional review a lighting design can prevent issues and expense further at the end of the project 
  • Commissioning of Retail Lighting - light that is crafted to enhance the merchandise and improve sales in any store environment
  • Archi-tainment lighting design & programming - creating dramatic installations that are interactive and enliven any interior or exterior space
  • Lighting control specification and design for maximum control over lighting and the resulting energy savings
  • Feature/Decorative lighting specification - we only specify original design and work with the designers of Melbourne wherever possible
  • Lighting Design & Supply Performance Specifications - for multi-location businesses seeking a unified customer experience over many sites
  • Energy Audit & Retrofit lighting design
  • Retail, Hospitality, Office lighting design
  • Industrial lighting design
  • custom luminaire design 
  • Technical support for all elements of lighting installation - from wiring to luminaires to control commissioning
  • Green Wall design & commissioning

If you require professional lighting advice for any type of project, we'd love to hear about it.