Anything You See Is Possible.

With the right lighting plan, returning home can feel like arriving at the very soul of your life and your family.  

Fill your space with the right light and attract attention to the elements of beauty in your home instead of lighting up your floors.

We Call It Authentic Lighting

And We Live For It.

Established in 2012 by Adele Locke, Mint Lighting transforms your home with architectural lighting by moving beyond standard downlights and bare globes.

Because great lighting enhances your wellbeing and makes your house a home.

How Do You Want To Feel?

With the right light, a dark and gloomy home can be elevated into a welcoming space, adding joy to your everyday life.

With the right light, a new home can be designed for your lifestyle, highlighting what's important to you. We’ll avoid fitting your ceilings with unnecessary holes that damage the insulation and the look of your home.

We know. Because we live for lighting.

At eight years old, Adele made her debut into the lighting world when her father bought a lighting manufacturing business in Moorabbin, Victoria. 

The rest is history.

Mint Lighting Lives For Lighting.  

Using our background and experience in commercial lighting, we bring creative solutions to common household problems using science, maths + the art of light.

Our lighting consultants work with all forms of light to create elevated experiences + beauty via accessible design advice that fits your budget and brings the right light into your home.

Having designed hundreds of homes, we understand every home + every family is different. Light is for people, therefore the starting point for every design project is a consultation with you, the homeowner.

Call the studio today + speak with one of our lighting consultants about how we can get the right light in your home on 03 9555 2275.

Meet The Team:

Adele Locke, MIES

Adele Locke, MIES

Adele Locke. Owner. Director. Designer.

Growing up making light fittings in the family business, Adele has lived in a lighting world for most of her life. Her background spans from luminaire manufacturing and bespoke lighting design to large scale commercial projects, management and architectural lighting design. Adele also works on small and large commercial projects, from retail to public spaces.  Some of her commercial work includes AAMI Park Stadium, University of Newcastle’s Great Hall and Melbourne Airport.

She is the Immediate Past President (2017) of the Illuminating Engineers Society of Australia and New Zealand, and is also a member of the Corporate Member of the BDAV Building Designers Association of Victoria.

A self-confessed (and publicly acknowledged) lighting geek, Adele is driven by a passion for well-considered, effective + inspirational lighting.  She enjoys educating and training anyone interested in light - from architects to designers to electricians and homeowners. Adele is also often invited to be the keynote speaker to TAFE students, industry groups + associations, and special interest groups and is a regular teacher at Laneway Learning in Melbourne.

Ian. In-House Technical Guru.

Ian is our technical guru for all things lighting, electrical, and regulatory.

Project challenges, on-site surprises and the ever increasing regulations around lighting and electrical safety are no match for Ian. With his whip-smart analytical skills, Ian implements quick + painless solutions every time thanks to his out-of-the-box approach.

Ian is also responsible for the construction in our Moorabbin studio, building our multi-level office space and developing outrageous creative lighting solutions in the workshop.  He builds our prototypes, interrogates the lights we select and saves beautiful designer creations from the bin by re-purposing those slightly damaged lights into something completely new and unique.

If you’re having a technical hitch, or just want some advice, you can get in touch with the Studio and Ian will be happy to provide the answers.