Oh that Scandinavian Trend

I love the simplicity, the stripped back beauty and functionality of Scandi Design.  Focussing on textures, materials, simple beauty and creating rooms that inspire creative and joyous living just seems like the way to go.  Of course, the BEST bit of Scandinavian Design from my point of view is the vital impact of lighting in tying the design elements together and really nailing that hyggelig feel.  Monochramtic colour themese 

Honest materials like naturally treated timber, leathers, clear glass and simple metalwork create a reliable and comforting environment.  Adding the occasional bold colour to the space really grabs your attention, and puts the rest of the interior design into focus.  

Lighting is un-fussy.  It is there to frame the room, to enhance the key features of the design and create an environment that is joyous, friendly and comforting.  

Pendants and decorative lights used simply to fill a room with textured light are key in creating that perfect Scandi look.  What do I mean by textured light?  You don't need light everywhere to enjoy and see in a room.  You can have a single lamp in a corner, bouncing light off white walls and ceiling and actually see everything you need to see in the room.  So if you keep that in mind, the options for dramatic and effective light are vast.  At MINT we always aim to keep your ceilings clear, have no glare anywhere and use the minimal number of lights to create the perfect environment for your family.  When looking for the right decorative lights for this Scandi style, focus on lights that hide the globe completely, or at least shield it behind a texture glass.  Scandi design is not about sparkle, it's about beautiful light, where and when you need it.

Layers of texture and clear patterns blended with timbers and a single contrasting colour creates a striking room.  Tailoring your lighting to enhance those textures, to bring out the details of your colours and timbers is the finishing touch to and Scandi design.  In a scheme that is strongly monochromatic, the colour of your light is really important, so make sure you choose high quality light so that every detail of your decorating scheme is enhanced, and also go for warm white light, Scandi is all about cosy environments that inspire creativity, rest and relaxation.

All images via Pinterest