UP-Lighting at HOME

Wall Lights and Up-lights went seriously out of fashion at one point and understandably really, as they WERE so cumbersome, with light globes awkward to fit, plus they generally created poor light.  Perhaps you know them as sconces - BUT 

things have changed......they're BACK and better than ever!!

With innovative design and new technologies, the wall sconces has jumped into the stylish trends of this century. 

So what is it that a wall light can do?


Why might we choose them over other lighting sources?? 

What is the purpose of a wall light?

Throwing light up onto your ceiling is a spectacular way of making your rooms feel larger and more open.  Instead of having all that light screaming down at you from downlights, if you select a high performing, minimal wall light, you can fill an entire room, that may have taken 6 downlights, with beautiful light from one or two uplights.  The sit high on the wall, out of your line of sight, and just keep pumping that light up towards the ceiling.  In design circles, we call this "treating your room as the luminaire"  which basically means, looking at your room or space like it's the light fitting, and then treating the light fittings like their light globes.

Wall lights that sit lower on the wall, and are part of your field of view are also a fantastic tool for lighting transitional spaces.  Up/Down wall lights, for want of a better description, produce super useful light towards the floor, and throw plenty of light up at the ceiling, reducing the sensation of the "long corridor to the doctor" and replacing it with a gently lit (and if you alternate the sides they're mounted) flow of light that guides, and draws you through.  So much nicer that the ol' "walking down the hallway - into the light, out of the light, into the light, out of the light...." that downlights do. 

The gentle nature of the lighting style still provides more than enough light to get around, without blasting you and overwhelming what is usually a small space.

We can also use wall lights in the bedroom - and depending on how effective they are, a smaller room can be lit in it's entirety just from the bedside wall lights. 

They provide functional light at the pillow, without glare because they're off to the side, and also fill your room with gentle reflected light - perfect for a relaxing wind down at the end of the day.

So when you start thinking about lighting in your home - don't just think "what can I put in my ceiling" - have a look at your walls - if they're not doing anything other than holding the ceiling up - make them work a little harder, and bring beautiful, ambient light into your home.

Call the studio if you'd like to discuss desigining unique lighting solutions for your home.

All images via Pinterest