Your Musical Instruments 'Up in Lights'

We've been chasing inspiration this week for a musical client, and we've found the most amazing array of unique, musically inspired lighting - which just goes to show - anything you imagine can be created and improved upon with light!

Up-cycling old instruments that no longer sound right is so much better than throwing them out!  Designers everywhere are getting clever with reusing broken gear and re-imagining it as a beautiful hand crafted feature!  We especially love the broken cymbal - it adds a whole new dimension to the light!

There truly is no limit to the creative use of instruments that are not only beautiful in their own right, but when you bring them together and add a little light become dramatic, WOW factor installations for unique spaces. 

Some of them even look like they were designed to be lights all along!  

Have you got some old hidden gems that you could bring back to life with a little light?  All it takes is imagination...and some clever cabling and you'll have stand out feature lighting that is completely unique, and tells a little of the story of your life.

All images sourced via Pinterest