The carbon obsession...

Over the last few years, we've seen the "Carbon" or "Edison" lamp explode into the marketplace.  Whilst we understand the attraction, there are a few things worth knowing about this style of light globe (lamp) to make the best selection for your home or project.

Quickly - the historical bit.  When light globes were first invented, they were made by twisting carbon material inside a glass vacuum, that "filament" then had electricity run through it, and the resulting heat of the filament resulted in the creation of both light and heat.

That technology developed over time into the incandescent lamp, and then later the halogen lamp - both of which are based on the same theory, but improved on the original by increasing the amount of wire filament in the light globe, and improving the metal for greater longevity and higher light outputs.

The over arching truth of all of those light sources however is that they create more heat than they do light - which results in an inefficient light source.  For example - with most "Carbon Lamps" or "Edison Lamps" you're spending 40W of electricity to achieve 200lumens of light.  Whereas with LED technology, you'll be spending around 4W of electricity to achieve the same amount of light output.

"Carbon" or "Edison" lamps are usually high wattage, and short life span light globes.  That means that you have to change them a lot more often, and they can have a dramatic impact on your electricity bills if you're using a lot of them.

It's inarguable that the "look" of these light globes is beautiful - and they bring both a sparkle and warmth to a space which has been hard to replicate in the last few years with LED technology.  Today however, the LED "Carbon" look has come forward in leaps and bounds - with excellent light output and minimal power usage.  We even had a demonstration last Friday in the Studio of excellent quality LED "Carbon" lamps that also dim effectively.

We can now access these light globes in 240V and 12V - which means we can use them in our "bathroom pendant" conversions, bringing the look to life with minimal energy wastage.

When you're using glass pendants, the "Edison" lamp can be the difference between a beautiful result, and a clunky one - so we recommend taking the time to look into the details of these light globes - make sure you're actually getting light from them, and then you can happily enjoy the "Edison Light Globe" without worrying about continually replacing them or paying more than you should for your lighting.