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Tips to Lighting Wall Art

Lighting for artworks requires a little more attention that simply putting a downlight, or even a gimble downlight near it in the ceiling.

There is no one-size fits all solution – that said, we have a few nifty tricks to share with you that will work in 90% of situations – and we can leave the last 10% for art galleries who have both the budget and the reason to go the extra mile.

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Creative ways to Light your Stairs

It seems obvious really - stairs can be dangerous things, even for grown adults! But often very little thought goes into lighting them, and whilst there are many tried and true solutions, there's a few key things to keep in mind when thinking about lighting stairs to create the best result.

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UP-Lighting at HOME

Throwing light up onto your ceiling is a spectacular way of making your rooms feel larger and more open.  Instead of having all that light screaming down at you from downlights, if you select a high performing, minimal wall light, you can fill an entire room, that may have taken 6 downlights, with beautiful light from one or two uplights.

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Lighting Timber Ceilings

The most obvious solution to lighting a timber ceiling is to use uplight - you've invested time, money and passion into that design - show it off!! The warm light, and ambient brightness will improve your mood at home, and creates a dramatic effect.

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The carbon obsession...

Over the last few years, we've seen the "Carbon" or "Edison" lamp explode into the marketplace.  Whilst we understand the attraction, there are a few things worth knowing about this style of light globe (lamp) to make the best selection for your home or project

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MINT Lighting launched Adele's first book - AUTHENTIC LIGHT - Made in Melbourne (you can buy a copy here now) to a crowd of over 60 designers and design lovers with live music and champagne.  It was a fantastic night all round, and a wonderful display of the talented designers of Melbourne.

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