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Stars in our eyes...

At the other end of the spectrum we find these magnificent light art installations, sometimes created for a special event, and in some commercial projects, fibreoptics are used to create amazing, dramatic interactive experiences for people.

Share your opinion below - and if you're not sure what you on and let's explore it together.

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5 Lighting Trends for 2017

Decorative Lighting trends come and go - at the moment I'm reliably informed that natural materials - stone, marble and rare metals are appearing in catalogues everywhere.

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Modern Minimalism in Middle Park

This home is traditional terraced Middle Park in the front and sleek expansive modern style in the next extension out the back.  It is a family home that provides wide open spaces for the family to come together, and cosy rooms with high ceilings in the bedrooms.  Function and space maximisation were vital elements of the building design, completed by Todd Pearce of TCP & Co, which we then enhanced with carefully structured "invisible" light.

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What do you want to see?....HOME LIGHTING

What do you want to SEE in your home?  It's an important question, and one worth considering...

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Your Musical Instruments 'Up in Lights'

We've been chasing inspiration this week for a musical client, and we've found the most amazing array of unique, musically inspired lighting - which just goes to show - anything you imagine can be created and improved upon with light!

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Before you get the "blues" with LED, read this.

A new report into negative health effects of LED "Blue Light" has been released, by the American Medical Association.  It's a street lighting focused report, however it has some valuable information for everyone that lives with LED lighting - and is likely to spark some marketeers imaginations, so before they run with it - find out how simple it is to make the right choice about your LED lighting, without losing any sleep.

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