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Understanding the Science of Light makes it possible to create beautiful HOME LIGHTING

Understanding the science of light makes it possible to create beautiful spaces quickly, effectively and inexpensively using the right lights in the right places.  The FUNdamentals covered here are the spring board for all lighting decisions, ensuring sustainability and quality are the key elements in creating great light at home.

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Stars in our eyes...

At the other end of the spectrum we find these magnificent light art installations, sometimes created for a special event, and in some commercial projects, fibreoptics are used to create amazing, dramatic interactive experiences for people.

Share your opinion below - and if you're not sure what you on and let's explore it together.

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Easy Ways to Fix that Gloomy Room for Winter!

Of course, if you want beautiful pieces that add to your interior style as well, there are as many styles, shapes and designs for table and floor lamps as there are lighting shops.  Some will be a beautiful piece of art in your home that makes a little light, others will have been designed to produce as much light as possible and have a dramatic impact on your room.  The choice is ultimately yours.

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Meet Jan Flook, Melbourne's Milan trained maker!

I decided to go it alone and pursued my love of all things recycled. I made some light fixtures that were a bit cheeky out of kitchen utensils and chopsticks and had an exhibition called 'Sleeping on the streets'. A piece was bought by someone and seen by the late great Geoffrey Mance (bless him too). He said come and make lights for me and I said .......err ok.

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The Future of Light

The next stage will be the data captured and stored by our lighting - registering our patterns and using that information to intuit our needs.  We've seen it in movies - and it will become part of our reality.

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What do you want to see?....HOME LIGHTING

What do you want to SEE in your home?  It's an important question, and one worth considering...

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Your Musical Instruments 'Up in Lights'

We've been chasing inspiration this week for a musical client, and we've found the most amazing array of unique, musically inspired lighting - which just goes to show - anything you imagine can be created and improved upon with light!

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Turrell Inspiration

Turrell understands light as a physical experience, and his works are just that.  He want's us to feel light, to experience it in 3 dimensions, to let it change our perception of the world.  His work is challenging - it's calming and uplifting, simple and complex, easily explained and completely mind bending.  He truly is a master of blending science and art to create a human experience.

We've already been once, back in December, and I'm so excited to be going again - and diving into the full on experience of Turrell's Perception Cell.  Wish me luck!

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