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Lighting a Lavish Loo or Powder Room?

It might be the smallest room in the house – but it’s one of the most vital to our comfort.  It’s also a room that everyone goes to every day – usually many times!

Truly, in such a small room, regardless of colour and anything else going on, you really don’t need much light at all – so you can really go wild – let your freak flag fly!

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The Truth about your Home Lighting

One of the greatest challenges in lighting your home is deciphering the vast amount of conflicting lighting advice available online.  In many cases, information portrayed as fact is simply not.

The 5 Fibs, Furphy's and Fakes below are unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg, however, with knowledge comes power, so read on to arm yourself against bad lighting in your home...

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Your Musical Instruments 'Up in Lights'

We've been chasing inspiration this week for a musical client, and we've found the most amazing array of unique, musically inspired lighting - which just goes to show - anything you imagine can be created and improved upon with light!

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