MINT's World Leading Residential Lighting Specialist @ Guangzhou Light Fair 2017

MINT lighting designer Adele went to Guangzhou, CHINA for the Messe Frankfurt Light Fair earlier this month and shared her knowlege with over 100 Chinese designers and manufacturers everything she's learnt about creating the right emotional atmosphere in homes with light. 

Creating emotion with light is the main reason we do what we do.  Sure, we need light to function at home, but it's real purpose is to make our lives better, and to enhance the feeling of "home".  Invited to speak by the CLDA (Chinese Lighting Designers Association), Adele spoke about the science behind creating emotion with light, and conveyed the message that people deserve light that you would expect to see in a five star hotel in every home.

Everyone in the audience received a pair of our MINT Lighting Design glasses - theses are a really special tool that allows you to see the colour in light! We've talked before about how light has 2 colours....

the appearance which is warm or cool

also the Colour essence how much of the rainbow of light is produced by the LED

Feedback from the seminar attendees was that they found it fascinating when viewing exhibited lighting products through the glasses - the quality of each light was plain to see!

The exhibition was HUGE, apparently MASSIVE beyond words....with thousands of suppliers and hundreds of thousands of lights on display.  

This is really interesting as Adele was surprised to see the quality of lighting available - when compared to some of the quality we see on our shores, it became evident that people purchasing lighting to import, might possibly be chasing the dollar savings over the quality of light. Which is such a shame for home owners in Australia, because in Adele's view it is certainly possible to buy exceptional quality lighting in China!

Whilst in China, Adele was invited by the CLDA (Chinese Lighting Designers Association) to become a member of their International Advisory Committee. This means being more involved in educating the Chinese design community on what it really means to light a home well and how to promote good design in all projects.  Therefore, she'll be jetting around the globe more often in the coming years, sharing her knowledge and experience with the world's lighting community, plus promoting the value of great lighting design.

Don't forget, Adele is also available for local events and seminars and if you're keen to have her speak lighting with you and your colleagues, get in touch with the MINT studio, we'll be happy to set up a meeting!