Why you should buy Authentic Design

The question to ask yourself is this - if you have an idea, and then take the time, effort and courage to develop it into something real - and then make it and tell the world about it - would you expect to reap the rewards of your blood sweat and tears?

Yes? Me too!

Although "Replica" has been promoted everywhere over the past few years as a valid way to "buy design cheap",  or "get the designer "look" in your home" but replicas are fake versions and are rarely being built with the actual proportion and sold at a price that undercuts the original - and therefore losing 90% of the beauty - "replica" furniture and lighting steals the ideas, and livelihoods of living, breathing designers, who have slaved to develop a unique concept. 

Above are all made in Melbourne, all original design, all truly perfect for a home.

Replica has been promoted as the new normal in design - but these cheap knockoffs don't deliver on the promise of the original design.  

INDESIGNLIVE a professional resource for the design curious, suggests, that Australia is often seen as Wild West of fake designer furniture these days. ‘Replica’ or copy designs are perfectly legal and fake furniture sellers are known to even use a designers name, photography and exact product details to promote and sell knock-offs!

With the United Kingdom recently introducing penalties of up to £50,000 and even up to 10 years jail for those selling fake designer furniture, is it time for Australia to step up our game

Original design is sustainable, built with care and devotion and more often than not supports many families by building a business that employs talented people to make beautiful things.

Add to that, in most instances, for the money you spend on the "replica", you could actually support a local designer, who would build to order something totally unique, and inspired, just for you.  Or you could buy an original, second hand, and give a piece of design a new lease on life.

Nothing I'm saying here is news - anyone who follows design is aware of this issue.  In talking with my some of clients recently, I suddenly realised that a major part of the problem is that people aren't sure WHERE to go to find these local designers.

Above are all made in Melbourne, all original design, all truly perfect for any home

As an independent consultant, I am in the position to know, and to have worked with truly talented local lighting designers.  However, just because I know who they are - doesn't mean everyone does. (always a revelation when you have those sorts of epiphanies isn't it - ).  

So to that end, I've collated the details of all the clever lighting designers in Melbourne and created a book 'Authentic Light' - so you can simply and easily find that perfect light for your home - and support local business at the same time.

It's so easy and rewarding to support local businesses and reward designers for their hard work once you know where to find them!


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