How to Choose the Right Light - PART 1 SIMPLIFICATION

We talk a lot at MINT about the right light for your home.  But what does that mean?  How do we know?  And more importantly - how can you figure it out for yourself?  First, lets back up a step and get one thing straight.  



The greatest design is the one that improves your life and you automatically choose over any other options.  Great design can be about something as ostensibly insignificant as putting a light switch in the right location.  Think about  that for a second - remember all those times you've found yourself caressing a wall in the hope that your hand will stumble across the magic little switch that will transform a dark room with a sea of light?  At least I hope it's not just me!  So applying design to that scenario would result in that switch actually being in the first place that your hand naturally went to.  Simple right? But incomprehensibly valuable.


So why the detour?  To help me convey one of the really important things we do here at MINT.  We design light.  We simplify.  I don't just mean that we take on all the hard work for our clients and given them great results.  I mean we think (and talk) long and hard about light, and lighting design, to find the core elements that matter, and make them accessible.  From our design process to the language we use, it is all considered for maximum simplicity and to make the wildly technical topic of light and lighting something that everyone can enjoy and discuss.

First we simplified the architectural design process to create a manageable system that allowed home owners with anything from a single room to a grand home to access independent advice.  Why do we care so much about independence? A lot can be done with light, and having the option to choose from any of the lights in the marketplace, to be able to bring our clients the best of commercial architectural lighting design but within a budget that is realistic for a family home just makes sense.  Next step we found a way to convey the most basic first principles of light to people in a real, visual way.  Ask anyone who's attended a MINT lighting class or seminar, and they'll tell you - they have seen light, really seen light, and they'll never see it the same again.   Which brings us - finally - to where we are today.  We've been simplifying the language of light.  Moving away from industry jargon and finding the core truths that will allow us to describe light and light fittings with ease and clarity.

All images via Pinterest and MINT Lighting