Easy Ways to Fix that Gloomy Room for Winter!

What to do in those gloomy rooms, the following are really simple solutions to fix any dull space at home.  So the only way to fix gloom is more light and/or brighter reflective surfaces (walls, floor, ceiling).  That more light however, does not mean more downlights, in fact, they usually make it worse.  Downlights are generally a very bright, visible light source in your ceiling, which means they are a glare source.  Especially if you have dark floors, downlights will create a gloomy ceiling, filled with bright spots of light.  This is both uncomfortable, and not good light.  Whilst they certainly have their place, downlights are ultimately not the best way to light any home.

Using Floor Lamps

Floor lamps will bring the light where you need it – onto the ceiling and walls, to enhance the feeling of brightness.  As temporary fixes, they can be relocated, to other rooms and homes.  It’s important to choose styles that create as much light as possible – as opposed to selecting for look and feel – when you’re trying to fix a gloom issue.  

Simple styles are very effective - some of the other more decorative lamps look great, but can suck up a lot of the light from your globes in their shades.

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Using TABLE Lamps

Table Lamps can be used anywhere you need more light temporarily.  If you have 20cm square free on your kitchen bench, you can put on out of the way of daily life, but bring that light where you need it.  They’re also great for brightening corners.

Of course, if you want beautiful pieces that add to your interior style as well, there are as many styles, shapes and designs for table and floor lamps as there are lighting shops.  Some will be a beautiful piece of art in your home that makes a little light, others will have been designed to produce as much light as possible and have a dramatic impact on your room.  The choice is ultimately yours.

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Selecting Light Globes

Most modern/new lamps (that table & floor lamps) are E27/Screw base types – but make sure you CHECK what you need before you buy.  It’s easy enough to return them if you get it wrong, but it’s a total drag.  I usually recommend sticking with the big brands – OSRAM and PHILIPS (both available from Bunnings), and IKEA have some great low cost globes in the Ledare range.  

To chase away gloom, you want –

  • minimum 1000lumens – if it’s a really dark space, go for more if you can get it.  
  • 3000K Warm White Light
  • CRI80+
  • 10W – 20W each depending on output.  60lm/Watt is a minimum for efficacy. (that’s lumens divided by watts = 60 or more)

 The lower your general light levels, the more you want those light globes invisible, so avoid “bare lamp” set ups if it’s going into a really dark corner or the contrast will be overwhelming – and hurt your eyes.

Finally, the most critical bit

You have to turn them ON.  And leave them ON.

If you’re concerned about energy management, you can set up timers, and master/slave switching or remote controlled power points – or even WeMO to minimise the number of points you have to remember each day, but if you don’t turn the lights on, they can’t chase away the gloom for you.


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