Bedroom Lighting Inspo and Ideas!

When you consider light as an emotional experience that can be controlled to enhance your lifestyle, then what to do about lighting your bedroom, the one room where you need to feel relaxed and at ease becomes pretty important.

Bedrooms are one of the most personal spaces in our homes.  They are our sanctuary.  Bedroom lighting however, is often overlooked, leaving people with (usually) 4 standard layout downlights glaring down on them.  Typically positioned over the bed, resulting in that most unpleasant experience of feeling like your retina's are being burned out if someone turns the light on while you're lying down.

The most simple solution of course is bedside table lights.  Which, depending on the size of the room might in fact be all you need.

If you want to explore a more architectural lighting approach, building light into your bedhead, or the joinery in your bedroom can create a deeply inviting - and still well lit - environment.

The key element to remember is that bedrooms don't need direct, functional light.  Ambient light that allows you to navigate, and set the mood is all you need.

Keep in mind when you consider the lighting in your bedroom that is can be asymmetrical, that walls are great reflectors of light (providing they aren't black!) and you can use less to create more in any bedroom.

We have used everything from cove lighting, wall washing, pendants, floor and table lamps, uplighting, architectural joinery lighting, decorative ceiling lights and chandeliers to light bedrooms over the years.  There is no one right answer, each person, and each home needs its own unique lighting design to create the perfect bedroom ambience.

Looking for beautiful, functional and sustainable MINT.

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All images sourched via Pinerest