Ambience for Function or Function for Ambience?

The difference between lighting that is designed for your home and light which is installed purely for function (downlights) is the exquisite combination of beauty (ambience) and function that you can achieve with crafted light.

Our approach to design is one that celebrates simplicity and using the right lights to achieve lighting that is beautiful, sustainable and functional.  In a room that would commonly have 12 or more downlights (an open plan living space for example) we can bring the light you need for the function of the space, and also craft beautiful layered effects that allow you to transform a room at the flick of a switch with lights that are specifically designed to create effect.  

Why does that matter?  

Well for a start, you pay for every lighting point that is installed, so if we use less lights you save money, but more importantly, you will end up with a living space that is full of ambience.  That transforms when you turn on the lights, and that enhances the interior design and decoration in your home.

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