Cascade Wall Lights: More light, More Sparkle, More Flexibility

In the process of designing the lighting for this 1950's home renovation, my clients were keen to also renovate the original architecturally designed wall lights.  They had 3 in the lounge room, in 2 different styles.  They selected their preferred style and we went about designing a wall light, using the original glass and original size/shape but incorporating the latest technology to give them greater flexibility in the room.

These images show what we started with - a standard incandescent lamp behind the decorative glass.

We took sample pieces of the glass back to the workshop, and trialed different lighting effects before building a working prototype for our clients to discuss, and ultimately approve.

Then we worked with a Melbourne manufacturer to take that prototype and turn it into a functioning light.  With the added task of building 3 extra lights what were IP65 rated for use in the bathrooms of the home.

With the right team of experts anything is possible.  Imagine what we could do for you!