Great Hall: University of Newcastle

The Great Hall at University of Newcastle is a wonderous space.  Donated brick walls, 20M ceilings with paneled timber and multiple functions - from choir rehearsals to graduation ceremonies to end of year exams for students.  Architect Ken Woolley designed a magnificent space.

The lighting design came about as the facility management team came to the end of their tether with the metal halide high bays that had been installed - to save energy from the fluorescent lighting that was in the original build.

Our solution was to develop a custom built luminaire using high powered LED to suspend along the spines and provide fully controllable light to the general space.  Hunting through old drawings, I also located the original specifications and so was able to replace halogen feature lights which had long since failed and been forgotten.

The addition of subtle linear light to draw attention to the sculptural flying buttresses on the wall and to highlight the textile mural adds to the overall impact of the space.

These camera phone photos show the not quite complete project, already bringing vastly superior light to this grand room.  Excitedly waiting on completion to have see the finished project!