Dingly Village Downlight Upgrade

The couple who own this home are delightful, we had a great time together working out how to update their 20 year old home with LED lighting.  The key was to find a way to bring pizzazz and style to the home, to reflect their newly retired lifestyle and to keep a firm grip on the budget. Very firm.  

The result is spectacular.  

(we were all so excited to have the lighting done within 3 weeks of our first chat about what lighting design is all about, that we couldn't wait for the plasterer to do their job before we got together again).  

Pushing light onto walls and ceilings updated the rooms and brings a calming atmosphere to these key living spaces.  What used to be a bland home office is now a calming study/reading room.  

But the best part, and I know my clients agree, is that the beautiful artworks they've collected over the years are now perfectly illuminated.  We could all see further into the art, feel more of its vibrancy and enjoy its colour and texture in the room with the new lighting installed.  

On the techie side... in the Kitchen we've gone from 558W down to 126W - but even better, the ceiling looks cleaner, and the whole room feels brighter and more open... the study from 324W to 82W and the lounge from 372W down to 64W.  A serious win in anyone's book.

There's more to come for this home - we've integrated HUE lamps into a range of rooms so that home can be invitingly lit upon arrival home - without even going through the door - and a few critical lamp changes to improve function and light in the home, updating from aged CFL lamps to a fantastic new 10W LED replacement - which makes beautiful light, instantly.

Updating from halogen downlights can be a beautiful inspiring process - you just have to know where to start.