New Year... New light!

The last 12 months has seen Mint Lighting Design collaborate on 28 home lighting designs.  We have worked on homes in initial planning phase, right through to homes that needed emergency lighting design to meet site deadlines.  As many of our projects near completion, the excitement is building as we get to see finished homes, beautifully lit and filled with happy families.

So, inspired by our latest projects reaching completion, I want to share some of the most useful tools we use to bring everyone along for the journey of lighting design - from clients to contractors.

Studio Education Spaces:

Downlight Alley

A collection of brands, styles and wattages (including the ubiquitous 50W halogen downlight) all captured in one location to allow you to evaluate light with your own eyes.  We have a full DMX control system managing the lights which provides the flexibility to explore light in a darkened space.  We can view one downlight at a time, switch between similar fittings to evaluate the difference and view light with clarity and understanding.

Seeing the colour of light

RicePaperLights_Colour Temperature_New Year New Light.jpg

We've hung 5 rice paper balls in a row, each with a different "replacement incandescent" lamp.  Showcasing halogen, 2 brands of LED and 2 types of CFL, we can demonstrate the differences in the colour appearance of the light and examine the distribution.  This installation is designed to help better understand what lamps will work best for you in your home.

Using RGB coloured lighting for effect

Using both linear RGB LED strip and Philips Hue lamps, we explore the opportunities that coloured light can provide.  Playing with colour change sequencing and setting moods with colour you can feel for yourself the effect that coloured light can have on a space.  

How much light do you need?

There is so much talk these days about low energy lighting, and designing homes with less than 5W/M2 lighting energy consumption - but how efficient can you really be?  We took this challenge to heart - and later this year we'll redesign the lighting throughout the studio workshop to prove that it's possible to have comfortable, creative lighting with much less than you think!  We know this because our general workshop has been illuminated for the past 18 months with less than 20W total load (across approx 100sqm).

(It should be noted that we do have additional lighting for when we're building lights or completing other tasks, but for general lighting and moving around safely, 20W is all we need)

We have plenty more in the pipeline for developing a truly wondrous and educational lighting space.  We're also planning another seminar series later this year to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about light, but for now... it's back to the workshop to lay the plans for our half watt challenge coming soon...