What's your story?

One of the things I love most about lighting is that there is always something new to learn.   

Not just because technology changes seemingly every month these days, but because every project invites me into another persons home, and through each person, I am privileged to see light from another new perspective. 

When starting any new home lighting project, most people say to me - "I don't really know anything about light, or have any opinions, you're the professional, you tell me!" Which is fair enough....

Interestingly, not a single person I have worked with is actually devoid of opinion when it comes to the lighting in their home (not even the ones that started with the above statement).  Sometimes it's simply understanding what they don't like, and other times, they know exactly where they want the light - they've just hit a brick wall with working out how to get it there.

Recently I realised the inspiration key I have automatically used on every project.

It all comes down to The Story.   

Finding The Story allows you to be daring with light.  It allows you to discover what is important in a home, and it helps you make sure you get your light where you need it. Walking down the structural design path can create great results, but uncovering the vital key in creating an inspired lighting design is pretty darn exciting!

Every project starts with a consultation where we either physically walk through the home or metaphorically walk through the plans.  Usually, by the time we make it through the front door (real or imagined), people who were previously convinced they knew nothing about light are full of opinions and ideas for their home all of which allow the lighting design to take shape.  

Lighting Design is not a one size fits all equation, nor is there ever only 1 solution for a given lighting conundrum, so finding the story of a home and discovering how people will live there is the perfect key to developing the right design for each unique home. 

I have found The Story in over 15 homes in the past 6 months, and I can tell you with absolute confidence, no two are ever the same.  For me, the most exciting part of the process is watching people discover their Story, and begin to share in my excitement about light.  Lighting doesn't have to be "paint by numbers with downlights" nor does it have to be complex and confusing - it's just about finding the right story, and then telling it with light.  A story which can be enjoyed over and over again, every time you flick the switch.  

So, if you think you've nothing to say when it comes to lighting your home, ask yourself, What's my homes Story? Hopefully, you will find, like I do, that the inspiration flow will carry you through to a brilliantly lit home.

Thanks for reading,  



Adele LockeComment