What do you want to see?....HOME LIGHTING

There is only 1 reason why we light our homes... we want to see! 

Without light, life would get very tricky, very quickly, and yet, one of the rarest questions explored when it comes to deciding how to light a home is: What do YOU want to see?

The answers to the question are of course individual, varied and driven by each persons lifestyle, aesthetics, furniture and general perception of lighting.  But the simple act of ASKING the question, opens the doors to creating beautiful illuminated living spaces that complement your lifestyle. 

Think about this question now.... what do you want to see in your home? 


Was your answer: My Floor!! That's the most important thing in my home and I want it highlighted! 


So then, why would you put downlights in your home? 

If we think about what a light fitting does, it takes a whole lot of visible energy and pushes it in a direction determined by the style of the light fitting, and that energy then bounces off things allowing us to see them.

So, if we fill a house with DOWNlights, the thing we are lighting... is the floor.  People are not lit beautifully under downlights, they create glare in the dull ceiling (the light is swallowed up by the floor it is so perfectly illuminating, so it doesn't bounce back to the ceiling) and they do terrible things to the thermal efficiency of your home. 

Personally, the most important thing I want to see in my home is my family.  Second to that I want to see the beautiful artworks I love and be able to enjoy my furniture and rooms for their intended purposes - reading, relaxing, chatting, eating...

All of these things need light of course, but that light can come from all manner of different places - the ceiling sure, but also the walls, floor lamps, reflected off white surfaces, spotlights across rooms... the options are many and varied. 

That is why, when you are thinking about the lighting for your new or renovated home, the question shouldn't be - "so, how many downlights do I need in each room?" it really should be "what do I want to SEE in each room of my home?"... and then you simply find the light fitting that puts all the visible energy where you want it. 


And Mint Lighting Design is always here to help if you get lost navigating the world of modern lighting.



All images via Pinterest