Budgeting for a New Build - 3 handy tips

Budgeting is one of the most challenging aspects of any home project.  Yet, without a good budget, things can go wrong before you've even realised, leaving you with financial strain and frustration.

Your new home should be a place you love, that houses the people you love, surrounded by your happiest memories.  So, I'm going to share with you some tips for budgeting for the lighting in your new home, so that you can love your lighting too!


Option 1: One of the easiest ways to budget for a new home is to calculate based on the size of the home.  A reasonable budget, that allows for some feature lighting as well as the basics would be $40 per sqm.  So, if your home is 250sqm, budget for $10,000 for the light fittings.  For a high-spec (high quality all the way) project, you may need to budget $60 per sqm (or more) to give you enough budget to buy the lighting you want. I recommend that if you are looking for the ultimate budget solution, you base your calculation on $20 per sqm - however keep in mind this will limit you to very basic light fittings and no feature lighting.

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Option 2: Looking at your plans, imagine walking through your home and envisage where you are going to want light.  By this I mean, which walls should be bright, which areas need functional light (eg: kitchen, laundry, bathrooms).  Imagine how you want your bedroom to be lit - does it need lots of light? or are you happy for the lighting to be subtle, with  focussed light in robe areas and en suites.  Do you prefer "invisible" light fittings, or do you want to decorate your home with light?  Mark down each area where you think you need light and then count up the areas (and the estimated number of light fittings in each area) and multiply by $250 (a 300sqm home should come out around $12000 - $14000 using this approach).  This should give you the wriggle room for light fittings that are something special in key areas, and funds for basic effective lighting in the areas where light only needs to function, not WOW.


Option 3:  Take the base budget solution from option 1, and then allow for the later purchase of table and floor lamps to bring subtlety and beauty to the lighting in your home.  You can find great lamps from $50 to $500 each from retailers, you can find specialist local manufacturers that can make you a personalised light for $300 - $600 each and of course, upwards form there.  It's quite easy to spend $10,000 for a beautiful floor lamp, however most of us don't have that sort of budget for our home.  This path allows you to build in basic lighting, and then add the sparkle once you've finished the project and have a clearer idea of your finances.

One of the greatest benefits of engaging a professional lighting designer for your new home is that I am able to source high quality light fittings, often for less than the standard retailers through my network of local lighting suppliers.  I also know where, and more importantly how to save money on lighting without detracting from the finished look and feel of your home.  

Feel free to ask me any questions about budgeting for home lighting - I'm always happy to help.