Facts of light #3 - where did my colour go??

LED downlights trick #3

I’d swear I had a beautiful red shirt until I walked inside and it turned a brown maroon colour… so what happened? 

Simple fact of Light that many people don’t realise… Light is a Rainbow.  Every colour you have ever seen exists in light.

The problem we face is that some lamps (globes, light sources) don’t have the full rainbow – and that means we have gaps in the colours we can see.

There are so many ways to explore this lighting fact – at my workshops and seminars it’s always one of the first things we do, and it’s a lot of fun for everyone.

Which is all very interesting, but what does it mean to you – and why is it important in LED?

You can choose how well your colours will appear by selecting light sources which have high colour rendering

Good LEDs are in the high 80’s, and the best are in the 90’s – what you need to be careful of is anything below Ra84 (that is, colour rendering of 84).  84 is what we’ve become used to with fluorescent lamps, and anything less will change how you see the colours in your home.

The tricky part is – many LEDs don’t list this information BUT here’s the good news – all the good quality, reliable ones do…

So that makes it quite easy really.

Ask your lighting supplier – what colour rendering does this LED have? If they don’t know…and can’t find out… maybe you need to consider another light…