What to do?... BCA Compliant lighting required for Planning Permit Applications

The BCA guidelines require lighting not exceed 5W/M2 in your home.  So what does that mean?

No more halogen downlights is the most obvious result, but simply replacing 50W downlights with LED versions isn't going to get you over the line either.  The biggest problem home owners are facing is ending up with poor quality light in their homes, and no way to simply solve the problem.  LED downlights range in quality from the laughable to the exquisite - and pricing usually matches.  Without a detailed understanding of the properties of light and what current technologies are capable of, this new lighting world is a minefield.

Of course, the most interesting lighting opportunity to rise out of all this is.... we don't have to use downlights in our homes. 

There are literally thousands of options for lighting your living spaces.  Creating a design that meets aesthetics, budget and energy from that huge range is where engaging an independent lighting professional gives you the ultimate advantage.