Home Renovation - saves $2,520, gains LIGHT!


So many people who are managing their own home renovations, or new builds have never had experience with (or perhaps even heard of) a lighting designer.  That's something that we're working hard to change at Mint Lighting Design.

Many of the people I speak to, perceive design services as expensive, and not what the NEED - all they want is new LED lights to replace the old halogens... well I'd like to share yet another example of the financial benefit of using a lighting designer (let alone, the aesthetics, performance and ongoing energy concerns)

Clients in Richmond recently engaged Mint Lighting Design to perform an audit of the lighting in their home and make recommendations of where they should spend their hard earned dollars upgrading their home.

We discussed a range of solutions, and all agreed that bringing interesting lighting to their home through the use of pendants, floor lamps and specialist wall lights was the ultimate solution - however, just at this point in time, their budget doesn't allow for this complete re-design.

So, the lighting design they are working from now is based on what they can currently afford -and they have in their back pocket, the full decorative design we discussed for the future, when they can invest more in their lighting.  We've worked together to determine which decorative fittings would be preferred, and will continue to do so over the coming months.

The new lighting layout for their home reflects the way they use their space - providing more useful light where it's needed (the kitchen, the office spaces) and less where it's not (4 downlights become 1 in a small entrance area).

For their investment in a Mint Lighting Design - they saved $2,520 (from an initial estimated budget  of $4950) in light fittings alone (compared with a 1 to 1 replacement of every halogen downlight in their home).

That saving can now be put towards a bit of ceiling repair and a few decorative light fittings in key areas, bringing their home to life.

Contact Mint Lighting Design today to discuss your project and let's see what we can do together.