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Just Can’t Seem To Get The Light Right In Your Home?



Here at MINT, we live for light.

Using our background and experience in commercial lighting, we bring creative solutions to common household problems using science, maths + the art of light.

 We can’t wait to transform your home with the right lighting plan.




MINT is an independent, lighting design consultancy driven by a passion for well-considered, effective + inspirational lighting.

We specialise in lighting Homes around Australia. With the flick of a switch, the right lighting will change the mood, aesthetics + function of your home.

*We are independent designers, not affiliated with any lighting suppliers. We select light fittings to specify based on their performance and quality, from a wide range of different locally based suppliers.


Transform your home with a lighting design from Mint.

MINT Lighting Design, is an independent, full service architectural lighting design practice. We create phenomenal lighting plans, using light fittings from any of the fantastic suppliers in Australia.

We begin all our projects with a Consultation, where we work together with you to develop the concept for the lighting in your home.  Where the light should be, what it should do and how it might behave.  

Based on the size of your home, you will know all your consultation costs up front, and work with one of our designers to craft the right light for your home.

Your Lighting Design Consultation can be at your home, our Studio or over the phone.

At your Consultation, we work out together if your project will suit our unique “Streamlined” lighting service, or if you need more comprehensive design documentation to implement your lighting design.


Fixed Fee Consultations + expert advice

There are no “one size fits all” solutions here


At your consultation, we provide you with a lighting plan for the locations and types of lights to be used in your home.

We will also give you our “10 Steps to getting the Right Light in your home”, which help you navigate the design process and understand what happens every step of the way.

Our clients also gain access to the “Client Zone” on this site – which is a great resource for selecting decorative lighting.

Just like our consultations, our streamlined lighting designs are a fixed price service, based on the size of your home and the add-on services you select.

Our streamlined designs utilise a “palette” of light fittings, from a wide range of suppliers, that achieve a range of specific lighting effects. We evaluate light fittings every day, and adjust our palette as technology improves. We select light fittings for their energy efficiency, best performance for best price and the most reliable supply.


There are so many lighting options, and we work to uncover what is best for you, and your home.

We’re here to make it simple for you, your builder and your electrician.


Building any home comes with a tonne of decisions and often, plenty of changes to the design of your home.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

We can provide the sounding board, technical support and expertise you need to get outstanding results.

We can also source your lights from all the different suppliers, label them to match your lighting plan and get your light fittings to site ready for installation.

With our experienced technical team on call ready to help with any questions, your build is in safe hands.

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