Anything You See Is Possible.

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1.        Evaluate your home with you (physically or on your plans) to design the right lighting in every room

2.      Help you answer the key question – What do you want to see?

3.       Clarify the purpose and main function of each room in your home, along with the key decorative lighting areas, task and feature zones

4.       Discuss the different lighting effects available that would create beautiful, functional and sustainable light in your home

5.      Show you samples of light fittings to help you understand lighting effects (where available)

6.      Explain the different types of light and where they can be used to achieve those effects

7.       Help you clarify your budget for lighting

8.      (if you provide us with your plans) complete a “mark-up” of the suggested lighting types and locations (by hand) during the meeting

If you don’t have plans, you’ll receive a room by room list of lighting effects and types following your consultation

9.      Provide the Performance Specification documents for each type of light suggested on your plan – these enable selection of the right light fitting to create the designed effect


At Home Consultation - We Come To You.

For homes <250sqm*



In The Studio Consultation - Visit Us.

For homes <250sqm*


*Please contact the studio if your home is larger than 250sqm.


If your lighting project doesn’t fit within the streamlined service, we’ll customise the service to your needs.