Can you hang a pendant light over the bathtub, in Australia?? YES you can!!

We see these images everywhere,

stunning styled bathrooms with magnificent pendant lighting over the bathtub

It's the perfect magazine "money shot"

and you want that look too?

well you should have it!

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the problem begins when your electrician,  

says NO!

and QUITE RIGHTLY so.....

and refuses to install the beautiful pendant you've purchased

"But WHY"?? you ask

for electrical safety reasons, of course!!

In Australia, AS3000 is the electricians Standard

and it has some very clear rules around lighting in bathrooms

which makes sense, 

because electricity & water are not a great mix

and when you add a human life to the equation

well (#*}#%*@) NO it's not good!!

but we have the solution.....keep reading


The solution is......

At MINT we convert any decorative pendant, 

so you can have your electrician install it safely over the bathtub.

The pendant will create beautiful light

and on a dimmer, can provide that soft warm glow, 

for you to enjoy a relaxing soak.

"HOW"......I hear you ask???

We can take ANY 240V rated pendant

and rebuild it to comply with.....

Australian Electrical Safety Standards and Australian Luminaire Standards for wet areas.

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More good can live anywhere in Australia

and we can convert your pendant!!

So Yasss, it is possible to hang a pendant over the bath

and create that beautiful high end bathroom you desire,

you just have to know the rules,

and make sure your pendant fits the criteria.  

If you have any questions or your electrician is saying no No NO

Give MINT a call on 03 95552275 and we will save the day